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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barefoot Running, Running Barefoot, Vibrams, and any other keywords that will attract fellow Barefoot Bloggers/Webmasters!!!

I have recently come across A LOT of people that have started blogging about barefoot running. Some are brand new; some have been doing it for some time. I have also come across a large number of new websites dedicated to barefoot or minimalist shoe running. My ultimate goal is to unite the worldwide barefoot and minimalist shoe running community to help promote our common cause. As a means to that end, if you are currently blogging about barefoot or minimalist shoe running, have set up a website, or are writing articles, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! I will be happy to add your link to my sites. There are a lot of us out there... we just have to find each other!

Best of luck in your adventures!

-Jason Robillard


  1. Hi,

    As you call for fellow runnigs writing about barefoot running I feel like comming forward. I have a blog about my barefoot running (since October):

    As of now it is written in danish but you might find it interesting anyway. I have a large collection of links to other barefoot sites. If I find the time and energy I might set up an english version of it over Christmas.

  2. Hey Jason,

    I post a lot about my running experiences on my personal blog and have a link to all my running posts. I've recently taken to barefoot running as well:

  3. Here is mine.

    Thanks Jason

  4. hmm interesting post... it does seem to be getting popular .. full sites dedicated to barefoot running and even shoes for barefoot running which is like NOT barefoot running!!

  5. Hi Jason,
    I'm 7 weeks into barefoot running and loving it!
    I've tracked and will continue to log all my experiences at
    I look forward to getting to know you.

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  7. Hey Jason - I followed you back here from your comment on my blog. As I'm sure you noticed, I don't write about barefoot running, I just happen to do it, and to be honest, I didn't know there was a "community" around it, at all.

    Look forward to looking through this stuff. If you can provide a good starting point for where to start with all this info, that'd be awesome.

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  9. Jason, I have a barefoot running blog at
    I am currently both barefoot and in Bermuda. Lucky me.
    Okay if I link to yours on my blog?

  10. Hi Jason, I post my running experiences on just started wearing minimalist shoes for some of my weekly runs and regular walks and loving it!

  11. here's mine from Singapore

  12. Just starting up. I live in the Boston area. Snowing tonight.

  13. Hi Jason,

    I have been keeping a blog of my barefoot/minimalist running this year at

    My plan is to run everyday, complete my first marathon in a few months and do it barefoot (or in the VFF's as a fallback).



  14. Jason,
    Hello from Kansas City! First off, I have gleaned a great deal of information from your blog, and have enjoyed reading your experiences. I have just began barefoot running, and running in general after several years of sedentary lifestyle. I started a blog (a first in this area as well) mostly as a way to record my progress, but also to share my experiences as a beginner with others that are interested...better to learn from my mistakes so others don't have to make them too. Anyway, Feel free to add mine to your list if you so desire.

    Thanks again,