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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Barefoot Running Book Update and Rumors About New Newton Shoe

The Barefoot Running Book

I received the first printing of The Barefoot Running Book on Friday.  I packaged and shipped all the pre-orders by Saturday.  With orders over the weekend, I'm only left with about 15 books.  In the event you are considering ordering, the books will likely sell out by late Monday or Tuesday. 

I already started the process of initiating the second printing, but they will not be delivered until Friday or even possibly next Monday.  I may still accept back orders for the rest of the week in an attempt to meet demand, but my supply chain will be a bit dicey for a few weeks.  I sincerely apologize for the delays. 

New Newton Shoe

Newton is developing a super-light moccasin-like shoe for the minimalist market.  Details are still a bit sketchy, but it sounds as if the shoe will weigh less than five ounces, has a zero heel to toe differential, and a relatively thin sole.  The sole will not be wafer-thin as Vibrams or Terra Plana's EVO soles.  Instead, it sounds more like a racing flat sole.  I'll share more details as they develop.


  1. me likey both topics. lots of books sold and thinner shoes for all = good news!

  2. Jason,

    I have been doing barefoot running since dec 2008 and I have completed one 1/2 marathon and one full marathon barefooted. I am having problem going above 25km barefoot because my sole will get hot and painful during training.

    How did you train for ultra-marathon? I am planning to train for an ultra preety soon.

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