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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Burning River Preparations... an analysis of my training mileage

Preparing for Burning River has been going well.  I finished my last long run yesterday, a 68 mile adventure with Jesse Scott and Mark Robillard.  That singular run was Mark and Jesse's longest run ever, and my second longest run.

This is my long run mileage since April when i began training for Burning River:
  • April: back-to-back long runs of 21 and 24 miles
  • May: 54 miles (Mind the Ducks 12 hour ultra)
  • June: long runs of 30, 23, and 35 miles
  • July: long runs of 36 and 68 miles

This is my total mileage:
  • April: 112 miles
  • May: 119 miles
  • June: 116 miles
  • July: 95 miles through July 10th

As you can see from the mileage, it is relatively low.   I average only about 35 miles per week with 2/3 of the mileage coming from long runs.  Will this be enough?  I think so.  In the 68 mile run yesterday, we managed to maintain about a 10:00 average pace.  We were able to run for the first 52, then use a 10/2 minute run/walk ratio for the remaining 16.  Additionally, I feel very good today.  

I will add two weeks of hill training, night trail running, and cross training to refine some skills.  I will also add some very short runs on rough surfaces to help prepare my feet for the 100+ barefoot miles at Burning River.  I plan on taking the entire last week off.  Now I just need to plan the Burning River race strategy...

Ultra vets- what does your race preparation look like?


  1. Nice numbers! It gives me hope that I can do this someday too :)
    I don't have loads of time to run for hundreds of miles a month but I can see how those long runs are so important.
    Excited for you!!

  2. Great job man. I don't think confidence will be an issue during Burning River since your distances are awesome.

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