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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: "The Barefoot Book" by Dr. Daniel Howell

"The Barefoot Book: 50 great reasons to kick off your shoes" is an absolute must-have for all barefoot runners.  If you are a barefoot runner or ever plan on running barefoot, this must be in your library.  This book is so valuable, this could effectively end the review.  Okay, I'll share some details...

Daniel Howell is an anatomy and physiology professor at Liberty University.  Daniel is also a fellow Society for Barefoot Living member and experienced barefooter.  His educational background provides the perfect framework for the topics contained within this book.

This book systematically makes a case for barefootedness.  Daniel starts by dismantling the "logic" used to justify the use of shoes.  I was familiar with the ideas presented in this section, but still found it to be extremely persuasive.  

The next section includes testimonials from a variety of people.  It is always entertaining to hear stories of people "seeing the light".

The next few sections talk about foot anatomy.  While I was vaguely familiar with this information, Daniel's explanations definitely expanded my knowledge base.  His expertise as an anatomy and physiology professor really shines.  

He includes a section on shoe construction, the effects of a raised heel, and the effects of shoes on developing children.  This section would turn Imelda Marcos into a dedicated barefooter.

Howell also includes sections on barefoot walking, hiking, and running.  I was pleasantly surprised to find his advice to be perfectly aligned with my teachings.  Even Howell's terminology is the same.  It appears as if there is a growing "standard" that is widely recognized in the teaching of barefoot running.

Finally, Howell dispels many myths about the barefoot lifestyle.  This section is especially useful as many of us will have to justify our decision to buck social mores.  He also includes a synopsis of the significant lawsuits that involve barefootedness.  

The book can be purchased from Amazon here: BUY ME!!!

Also, Daniel was kind enough to give me a copy to give away to one of my readers!  Here's how you can enter:

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