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Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Reviewers Needed and a Call for Photographs!

Have a blog or website?  I'm looking for a handful of individuals that would be willing go read my book and post an honest review on their blog or website.  The site does not have to be specific to barefoot running, I will consider any site that has a relatively large following.

All I would ask is that you include a link to the book on Amazon:

I will only be able to send review copies to a handful of people, so please respond quickly.  If interested, email me the URL for your blog or website here: robillardj "at" gmail "dot" com.

Also, I am working on another project and am in need of high resolution pictures of barefoot runners.  Specifically, I am looking for pictures of barefoot runners running in interesting places.  

I would need your permission to publish the pictures in print and electronic form, so please consider that when responding.  If you have a picture or pictures, please contact me at robillrdj "at" gmail "dot" com.


  1. What about an article in ... French ?
    Sorry, I live in Paris and my website is only in French ( but I started to telle France - which totally ignored it ... - about barefoot and minimalist running.

    (it's probably cheaper to send a pdf format of the book to France).

  2. jason,. i'll post a review next week if you'd like. i already have the book, though don't have a huge following, i get 250-400 hits a week

  3. Jason, I'd love to review your book! Check out my blog at

  4. I posted a link on my site! Will try and get some photos for you.

  5. I'm a barefoot runner with a blog about the same. And I love reading! Http://

  6. Jason, I forgot to tell you that my site has 100000 "unique" visitors per month (3000 a day).