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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fellow Bloggers- How to make a little extra money with Amazon Associates

Quite a few people have been asking me if I plan on setting up an affiliate program so people can sell "The Barefoot Running Book."  The short answer- maybe later this summer. The logistics will be difficult to set up, but I am working on it.

Until then, I'd recommend using the Amazon Associates program.  It works like this:

1. Sign up for free.
2. Choose  products you think your viewers/readers will be interested in (such as The Barefoot Running Book.)
3. Amazon will provide you with code, just paste it in the appropriate spot on your blog or website.
4. You can either suggest people buy the product through your site or just wait for people to click on it.  For each purchase, you get a certain percentage of the sale price.  You can even add a "search" box so people can find other products.  This is great if you know people that do a lot of shopping via Amazon.

I've been using the Associates Program for a number of years for my website's "store."  It provided enough income to keep the site alive in the beginning.  Many people use the program, including Ken Bob

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  1. I use it on my site too...but haven't made a single sale yet! Just need to get the hits on the blog up a bit I guess before someone inevitably clicks the link by accident and makes me some money :-) I like the Associates program though, which allows you to set up an aStore where you can feature multiple items that you like on Amazon in a cool widget that can be formatted into your this:

    Barefoot Brandon's Recommendations