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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fallsburg Marathon- the results

I finished in 4:40 and some change. Not my best marathon, but I am satisfied considering it was supposed to be a training run. I am awaiting the placing info. My idea to run the course before the start of the race was cut short... I only managed 14 miles. At that point, I was worried about not making it back to the start line in time. The course itself was a mixture of asphalt, gravel roads, and trails. There were numerous hills; more than other area marathons (or shorter road races). The temps were in the 80's with relatively high humidity. I ran the entire marathon barefoot without incident. I did get a small blood blister on my toe, probably the result of stepping on a rock.

Many people commented about my barefoot running; some asked questions. Overall, the response was very positive!

I briefly talked to one of the race organizers for the Woodstock race events. Apparently there are 13 people signed up for the 100 mile race. I was expecting at least 100. Thirteen people?!? That really adds the pressure to finish. Based on how I felt today, I have more confidence in my abilities this year than last year. I will be taking two days off to recover, then maybe two more higher mileage weeks. At that point, I will slowly drop my mileage in preparation for the 100 miler.


  1. I think I saw you heading off the asphalt onto a dirt/gravel road. You were probably a few miles past halfway ... I was a few miles before. I saw those barefeet and the gravel and thought "ouch!". You're definitely hardcore! I saw a guy running barefoot in the 24 Hour Around The Lake in Wakefield, MA, but the surface was a lot more amenable to barefeet than Lowell. Great job!

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