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Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning from my 100 mile mistakes...

I've been reflecting on my 100 mile experience last year at Burning River. In an attempt to correct my mistakes, here's how I would grade my run last year:
  • Training base (mileage): D+
  • Crosstraining: A-
  • Hydration: A
  • Electrolytes: A
  • Heat acclimation: B+
  • Chafing prevention: C+
  • Foot care: C-
  • Caloric intake: D+
  • Clothing: B+
  • Gear: B
  • Lighting: B+
  • Pacing/ race strategy: C
  • Drop bags: B-
  • Mental toughness: D+
I think I will be better prepared this year. Failure can be a wonderful teacher.

1 comment:

  1. i like this idea, jason. i'm going to score my next race too. i tend to mess a good lot of things up