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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Anti-Barefoot Movement... bad for running

For those with their figurative ears to the tracks of the barefoot running scene, a new website as sprung up to "debunk" barefoot running.  While the author or authors chose not to reveal their name OR register the site without anonymous cloaking, we do know the site was registered a few days ago.  They immediately displayed a Road Runner Sports banner.  While it would be presumptuous to make assumptions, I think it would be relatively safe to assume we know the author or authors' affiliation.

This is a sad day for running.  One of the elements of this great sport that I find most attractive is the camaraderie of my fellow runners.  I feel a genuine connection to everyone that is willing to persevere through races of any distance.  You guys are my brothers.  It does not matter if you choose to wear shoes or not... we are in this together.  Shame on those that choose to drive a wedge through the running community. 


  1. Jason - Impressed you have stood up to the detractors, specifically using your name when rebutting claims allowing anyone to track you down and read your blog and websites. That kind of transparency will keep everyone honest and won't let anyone hide behind anonymity. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Jason -

    Fellow barefooter here. Funny that the "other" website (anti-barefoot) doesn't allow comments. Gee I wonder why?

    All I know is my running has improved tremendously and I feel so much better since ditchin' my clodhoppers. And 4 million years of evolution doesn't lie.

    All the best,


  3. Good job for standing up against the anti-barefoot agenda. A highly possible motive for one to take place would be the money lost by shoe orporations thanks to us not needing shoes and recovering from them. We are the proof that we don't need shoes to run or walk (walking shoes are a laughable yet dangerous idea).

  4. Hey Jason,

    With enemies like this, we won't need friends.

    I don't think we need to advocate barefoot running; we can just step aside and let the shoe-sellers self destruct, if this is the best they can do.

    Josh (the NC one, not the MI one)

  5. I can't actually find the page you're referring to, I'm curious as to what it says.

    It's interesting that no shoe company has come out and said "Try it if you like, we'll be here if you need us." If we really are all breaking ourselves as they suggest, wouldn't the mass of ex-barefoot runners switching back to shoes to avoid injury be a much more powerful marketing message than trying to convince us not to even try it? I somehow really doubt they are actually that concerned with our wellbeing.

  6. Nothing to worry about, they hardly have a (scientific) foot to stand on. If nothing else it means they are getting worried that it will catch on and we all will ditch our expensive running shoes. It is a clear sign that barefoot running is starting to be taken seriously.

  7. Im starting to train for bare foot running now, I think it makes alot of sense to go barefoot instead of using heavy thick heeled shoes. I have been using racing flats for months now, but am training in vibrams to the point where I will beable to run as fast and as comfortable as I do in my racing flats. I think some barefoot runners do take it to far and I for one could not care less whether people choose to wear shoes or not.

    Have fun running no matter how you do it.

  8. I've got a pair of VFF's and i enjoy scrambling up a rocky bluff or bounding along a riverbank. The last thing i want is gravel and grit seeping into my five fingers.