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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Barefoot Running" by Michael Sander... due this spring

Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee have updated and publicly launched their pre-order site for their book "Barefoot Running: How to Become Healthy, Fit, and Blissful by Getting in Touch with Nature."  Michael and Jessica founded runBARE, a barefoot running school based in Boulder, Colorado.  While I have not read it, I would expect their book to be top-notch.  I've followed Michael's advice he gives on their forum, and he clearly understands all the major concepts of barefoot running and explains them in a thoughtful, clear way.  I'm really excited for the printing of this book as there is a HUGE void in available literature.  The fact that the book is coming from experienced barefoot runners AND Michael is an excellent writer automatically catapults this good to the top of my list. 

runBARE itself is a great story.  They have managed to generate an incredible following in the Boulder area.  I suspect the Boulder Running Company's recent anti-barefoot Facebook post has something to do with runBARE's success (just speculation on my part.)  At any rate, runBARE is establishing itself as an important source of information within the barefoot running community.

I can't go as far as recommending the book until I read it, but I would consider it a very safe gamble considering they are taking pre-orders for an autographed copy at $15.95 until the book goes to print in March (regularly priced autographed copy = $39.95.)  To my knowledge, this is the only barefoot running book published by someone that a) has a known barefoot running pedigree, and b) is genuinely interested in teaching barefoot running.  Once I do get a copy, I will post a full review.  Now if only we can convince Michael and Jessica to join us for the Barefoot Runners meetup/party/race in Grand Rapids on May 8th...

For those that are experiencing some cognitive dissonance right now, yes, I am planning on printing my barefoot book around the same time.  So why am I suggesting you buy a "competitor's book?"  It's simple.  It's the same reason I tell people to visit Ken Bob and BF Ted's site... I want to spread the word about barefoot running.   I gladly support anyone that develops great materials, and I place Michael and Jessica on that list.  We are on the cusp of a huge explosion of barefoot running that began with "Born to Run" and fueled by events such as Dr. Dan Lieberman's research published in Nature.  The best way to spread the word about barefoot running is to support those with the same goals. 


  1. J, I just recently stumbled across Michael's site. Very interesting story. Am looking forward to both books.

  2. It's very thoughtful and generous of you to help "promote" a "competitor". I'm sure it will pay off in the end.

    BTW: I hope you don't mind adding a link to your blog. Let me know if you would rather I take it off.


  3. You must really like that new barefoot running fad to be so altruistic and such!
    I thought that Mike and Jess seemed like pretty cool, down to earth kinda folks and they do seem to know their stuff :) Looking forward to both of your book releases!

  4. As always, great info, Jason. I think that's the secret. When we acknowldege and celebrate each other's journey into this liberating form of running, the message we send to those who would be detractors is one they will ultimately find difficult to resist. It all just makes sense.


  5. Already pre-ordered my copy! As one that aspires to run barefoot primarily, I figure I'll need all the tips I can get to be as efficient as possible.