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Tuesday, April 6, 2010 A pretty cool idea!

Dean Karnazes made headlines by running a marathon in all 50 states in 50 days.  The idea inspired a lot of people.  Unfortunately, running in all 50 states is a bit of a challenge from a logistical standpoint, especially if done in 50 days.

Enter (  It's a running club set up to track the progress of people running a half marathon in half of the states... something entirely possible for most runners.  It would add a bit of motivation to not only run, but to also travel to other areas of the country. 

The club is being organized by Tracey Cohen of RunningFit (, a local running store here in Michigan.  They're best known for the awesome races they direct, including the famous Dances With Dirt Series ( and the Woodstock Running Festival, the site of my first 100 mile finish.)

Right now, they're having a contest to design a shirt for the club.  The prize... a lifetime membership in the club, a free tech shirt, and other great 'swag."  If you love running and travel, check them out!

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