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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pre-run Meal... Why Ultramarathon Training Rocks

Sometimes people ask why I run ultras.  I'm planning a 20 mile training run today.  This is the pre-run meal.



  1. In my experience, the pre-run meal pales in comparison to my POST-run meal.

  2. yea, ultra run prerun meal is like, a banana. post run meal it is anything that i can lay my hands on

  3. That is awesome that you can eat like that! I can but get heartburn during a long run. Especially with eggs. Maybe I should try drinking coke halfway to eat away all the crap that was burning me! Coke is the best for digestion! Terrible for you but it has its benefits too. Post run should be a buffet for sure!

  4. Jason I think someone hacked your account and replaced the picture you posted with one of a plate of garbage.
    Someone should be ashamed of themselves!!!

    (Looks pretty good right about now!)

  5. When people ask me what my diet is, I love telling them that I run 50+ miles a week and I can eat whatever I want.

  6. Might want to look up Jim Fixx....