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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burning River 100 Mile Training: a work in progress

Six weeks.  That's all I have left before Burning River.  Would I ready if the race were today?  Probably not.  In years' past, my 100 mile training went like this:
  • 2008- too few miles, too much Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance.
  • 2009- Too many long runs, cross-training was perfect, not enough speed work.
So far this year, I maintained a decent endurance base throughout the winter.  Speed work is okay... I managed a 20:30 or so 5k on trails this last weekend.  About a month ago, I ran about 54 miles in a 12 hour race. Since the 12 hour, I've run an 18 miler and a 30 miler.  I just started heavy weight training this week.  I'm doing some tempo run on trails and hill repeats tomorrow.  I'd like to squeeze in one very long run and another back-to-back.  We'll see.

I'm doing the equivalent of cramming for an exam... trying to shoehorn as much training into the next month.  Will it work out?  I'm confident I'll be fine, but I doubt I'll be flirting with a sub-24 finish. :-)


  1. I think the mental training is almost just as important as the physical training, so it sounds like you have that nailed down - you'll be good to go come race day :)

  2. Will you be doing this barefoot? And what does your training consist of now? I also did too many long runs in 2009 and it made me slow. Now doing much much less and wondering how it will work out.

  3. muscle memory and stubbornness