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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick update on my continuing works and brief race report from the Rectifier 5K

Several people have emailed or messaged me regarding the last part of the Mind the Ducks Race report and the Ultramarathons for Lazy Runners series.  I haven't forgotten about either, but I had a more pressing project that I am racing to finish.  

Rest assured, I will have the last part of the Mind the Ducks story posted very soon.  The Ultras for Lazy Runners series will continue shortly after.  

In the interim, I have to post a very brief race report for the Rectifier 5K held in Montague, MI this last Sunday.  This was definitely the best 5K I have ever run.  The atmosphere was spectacular, the course was entertaining, the race director is awesome, and they had beer at the finish.  It felt like an ultramarathon atmosphere with a lot less pain.  

The course was advertised as a "European style" cross country course, which translated to a flat trail with a few large "hills" of dirt, some logs across the trail (some too big to jump over), and a mud/water pit at the end.  

Times were generally slow for a 5K, but I think the crowd was self-selecting.  The non-competitive atmosphere wouldn't attract the sub-15 minute 5K crowd.  I believe the winner finished around 18:10.

Shelly and I both did well.  Had I not hit a "I hate sprinting" wall at the 2.5 mile mark, this could have been close to a 5K PR for me.  

This race is on my "definite" list for next year!

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