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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ultrarunning Karma

In this weekend's Western States Endurance Run, Andy Henshaw DNFed just past the half-way point.  [note- thanks to Shelley Viggiano for pointing this out :-) ] 

Why is this significant?  A few weeks ago, Andy chastised Donald Buraglio's DNF in the poorly-organized Blue Canyon 100k.  In a retort to his blog post, Andy called him a "...Whine and Cheese ultrarunner."  

For the record, Donald finished Western States in 2009.
The lesson for new and soon-to-be ultrarunners:  We participate in a sport where failure is a very real possibility every single time we toe the starting line.  Don't berate those that do not succeed in any given race... your day will come.  If you are not going to support your fellow runners, keep your thoughts to yourself.


  1. AAAAAAAMEN! and haha on the d-bag!

  2. Did Andy already remove his comments from the blog? I didn't see where he said anything about Donald, but I did notice a deleted comment on his own blog. Just curious!

  3. Very well said. The respect and support that runners give each other are the things that make this sport great.