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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Workout of the Day... the advantages of barefoot running

Resiliency to injury is a major benefit to barefoot running.  Once you make a full transition and acclimate your body, you can tolerate some dramatic increases in mileage.  As I accelerate my workouts to prepare for Burning River in July, the ability to avoid injury is critical.  This is my workout routine for the week so far:
  • Sunday- Rectifier 5K trail race (20:26, 2nd in AG, 10th overall)
  • Monday- rest day
  • Tuesday- Five mile trail run + 1 ski hill repeat
  • Wednesday- Gym workout- 3 rounds of Crossfit-style "Fight Gone Bad" (1 minute each of burpees, air squats on Bosu Ball, one-handed clean and presses on Bosu, side planks, and walking lunges); Unnamed exercise Tabata; Ten 100 yard sprints; 7 mile trail run
  • Today- Workout with Pete Kemme- 400 meters of 20lb. medicine ball throws; 4 sets of 12 burpees, 24 pushups, 36 air squats, and a 400 meter run; and a pushup Tabata.  I did have a hill repeat workout planned, but that may give way to a trip to the bar with Shelly, Mark, and Jesse.  We'll see.
It's turning out to be a pretty good week so far!